Attorney Referrals

I Accept Referrals from Attorneys

I do reserve the right to review each case on an individual basis. I will only accept cases that I think have a probability of success. If I do accept a referral, then I will pay a referral fee according to the applicable Court Rule. I will guarantee your referral fee in writing at your request.

I suggest that the referring attorney call my office and make direct contact with me about your referral. I am always glad to talk to other attorneys and accept their referrals. I appreciate if the referring attorney tells me the name of the client they are referring. I don’t want to have any misunderstandings about referrals. Please just call me and let me know that you will have a client call me. You are not bothering me. Please do not feel uncomfortable in telling me about the referral. I would greatly appreciate if you call and let me know about your referral so I have a “heads up” about your client and the incoming call.

Please be sure to have your client call me. The client must call me first – I will not make contact with any potential client otherwise.