A Doctor Needs to Support Your Social Security Disability Claim.

The best way to get your doctor to support your disability case.
June 19, 2015

Imagine that you are a claims examiner in the Social Security Administration, and an application for disability benefits has just landed on your desk. The odds are that the first thing that claims examiner will want to know is the nature of your disability, and whether it truly prevents you from holding any kind of job.

So imagine how you would react if you read something like, “I have had extreme back pain for the last ten years and I am no longer able to hold a job. I haven’t been able to go to the doctor for a diagnosis because I can’t afford the fee [or I no longer have health insurance].” Tens of thousands of dollars of benefits are at stake. Would you approve the application?

A doctor’s diagnosis is critical to a Social Security disability claim

The fact is that your Social Security disability claim will go absolutely nowhere unless you get a doctor to examine you thoroughly and give you a diagnosis. The Social Security Administration cannot award Social Security disability benefits merely because you say you are disabled from working.

You need a doctor—your primary care physician would be fine—to support your case. Think about it. The entire system is set up to provide benefits only when a disability prevents someone from doing any type of work. Contrary to what a lot of people believe, the Social Security disability system does not pay just because of a diagnosis. Instead, a diagnosis must be severe and must prevent you from working your job or any other job. Your medical evidence must include:

  • Your diagnosis
  • A physician’s statement about the severity of your diagnosis
  • A statement about what you can still do despite your impairments based on your diagnosis (Federal Regulation Section 404.1513)
    Michigan Social Security disability lawyer Tony Houle knows how important a diagnosis and its effect on your ability to work is to the benefits process.

Tony wants his clients to talk to their physicians and ask for their support. Hopefully, your doctor will understand and take the time to do what is best for your case, even though it can be a disruption for the doctor. If your doctor won’t help you, you may want to think about getting a doctor who believes in your cause. A good doctor will help you get the benefits you need.

Have you stopped working because your disability makes it impossible to hold a job? Contact Tony Houle today at 888-718-7179 or email him at tonyhoule@att.net to make an appointment for a free consultation!

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