Tony Houle | Port Huron Attorney

I want to say hello and welcome to my website. I hope you can find your way around and I know you’ll find some useful information. Please know that I don’t charge to talk to anyone over the phone if you want to call with questions about anything I’ve posted on this site.

I appreciate that finding the “right lawyer” for your legal matter can be challenging. I have the same thoughts and feelings when I need to choose someone in the medical field. I’m lucky that I don’t need to hire an attorney. I imagine if I needed to hire a lawyer the best way to start would be to ask around; that’s still a good test. I think that websites like this can be really helpful because if you read them closely, you can sort of get a feel for whether the office you’re viewing will be right for you. It’s your mission to figure out what you’re looking for. From there, I’ve got a couple of things I want you to know about me and my office, and you can decide whether it sounds like we’d be a good fit. So here goes on my end...

My office has several goals. I try to deliver “excellent results.” I think I’ve done that for my clients since 1984. I’m a small office and I’ve got to try harder. It’s important to me that I provide excellent results because that’s the satisfaction I get from the job. After three decades in the legal industry, that’s still what gets me going. It’s a constant challenge but I like it because I don’t like to be bored, and if a lawyer does his/her job the right way, this industry is never boring.

I also promise to “level” with anyone about their case. There are a lot of things that lawyers simply can’t control in this business. I can’t control the judge. I can’t control the other side. I can’t control the witnesses. I sure can prepare my clients for these things and I can prepare myself, but at the end of the day, I can’t control what outside forces think, say, or do. However, one thing I have absolute control about are the words that come from my mouth. I will always tell someone the good and bad in any case. There aren’t as many “slam dunks” in this business as you might think and usually there is always “the other side of the story.” A good lawyer’s job is to tell people the truth about a case instead of telling people what they want to hear. Sometimes lawyers aren’t as good about this as they should be because it can be unappreciated. If you like frankness, you belong here; if you don’t appreciate it, you’re probably going to do better with someone else.

The last thing I want you to know is that every single piece of content on this site is handwritten by me. You may not know that many lawyer sites “purchase” their content from other writers. You won’t find that here. I stand by everything on this site, and everything on it has been learned (sometimes the hard way) with over three decades of practice.

Let me know what you need and I’ll see if I can help you.

Have good day.